Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Just Shake Your Head and Laugh

Dear Diary,
Tomorrow is Tuesday and should be a really fun day. I am going have a fun afternoon with Zuzana, hanging out before I go to Bible Study in the evening. Yay!

6:30 AM: Turn off alarm
6:45 AM: turn off alarm
7:00 AM: Wake up. Panic. Realize that there is a fifteen minute wait for the bathroom.
7:45 AM: Run for bus. Bus is freakishly early and doesn't wait.
8:30 AM: realize that I've forgotten my cell phone, which is necessary for later activities.
9:00 AM: Attempt to do simple labelling task in library. Realize that the records for the books are all screwed up and will have to be altered manually one by one.
10:00 AM: Computer crashes
10:45: Computer crashes
11:30 AM: Finish my "ten minutes of labelling".
11:50 AM: leave work to go home and get cell phone
12:00: Watch the bus go by my bus stop without stopping
12:30 PM: Make it home, grab phone, leave to go back to work.
12:40 PM: Realize I missed the bus by two minutes and the next bus is in 12 minutes
12: 56 PM: watch the bus I was supposed to switch to pull away from the stop as I get off the first bus.
1:00 PM: Time I was supposed to be back at school
1:10 PM: Watch the next bus drive by the bus stop without stopping as the bus driver glares and shrugs at me as if it's MY fault. Begin walking to next bus stop.
1:24 PM: Decide that the bus 163 will take me to the same stop as the 113
1:26 PM: Realize my mistake
1:30 PM: Get off the 163, give up on buses, commence walking to work.
1:50 PM: Arrive at work.
2:15 PM: Accidently turn off copier machine in the middle of a job.
3:50 PM: Leave work (twenty minutes late) to hang out with Zuzana downtown.
4:15 PM: Learn that Zuzana has invited her friend Mischa to come along as well
4:45 PM: Listen to Zuzana and Mischa talk in Czech for the next hour and a half.
5:00 PM: Go to second hand shop, find nothing in my size, am forced to tell Skinny Miss Mischa and the Z my dress size.
5:30 PM: Go to another second hand shop. Find nothing.
6:00 PM: Buy ridiculously overpriced burrito for dinner.
6:15 PM: Discover that burrito is inedibly disgusting.
6:20 PM: Attempt to buy water to wash out taste. The machine gives me Coke instead. (I hate coke)
9:45 PM: Board metro to go home
10:10 PM: Get off at bus depot. Next bus to go home is at 10:30. Realize that I really really need to go to the bathroom.
11:00 PM: Arrive at home. The door is deadbolted and I only have the key for the regular lock. Knock on the window until Z's dad lets me in.

To provide a balance, I will attempt to find three things that went right yesterday:
1. We ate ice cream around 5:00. Ice cream is always good.
2. I made it to Bible Study safely. Bible study was good
3. Had an intellectual conversation on a higher level than "How do you spell 'carpet'?" at said Bible Study. Yay!
Also, in a general disclaimer, Mischa is really a very nice girl. Even if she is skinny.

Some days, all you can do is shake your head, laugh, and go to bed with the hope that tomorrow will sort itself out better.

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