Sunday, April 8, 2007

Matt Damon looking serious and confused.

WHO: myself and le best friend
WHAT: The Good Shepard (movie)
WHEN: Friday night
WHERE: le best friend's house
WHY: we were bored.


me: "Oooh, look, it's Matt Damon looking serious and confused!"
Le best friend: "Don't tell me he's going to where those glasses for the entire movie."
me: "What are they doing? Are they speaking in code? Why are they speaking in code?"
lbf: "he IS going to wear those glasses for the entire movie."

*scene switches to an amateur drama at Yale in the thirties*

me: "Is that Matt Damon? Is that Matt Damon? Is that Matt Damon looking serious and confused in a DRESS?"
lbf: "These glasses are just as hideous."

*scene switches to initiation into "secret" Yale society*

me and lbf: *stares* "What?"
me: "It must be a gay Yale thing."

me: "If I have to watch Matt Damon look serious and confused, I want to watch him blow things up. Do you have the Bourne Supremacy?"

So we switched movies. The Bourne movies and their ilk are my secret weakness: mindless, blow-'em-up entertainment, best enjoyed with The Gastrointestinal Disaster (white pizza with sausage, mushroom, and pepperoni: hear your arteries panic!), followed by popcorn and M&M's. I know that girls are supposed to relax with chick flicks and guys with large explosives, but...with the exception of Little Women, almost all chick flicks irritate the bejeezus out of me. Jane Austen? No thank you. Large government conspiricies? Weeelll...*shifty look* Let's keep this between you and me, okay?


Phil said...

seen shooter yet? its like jason bourne. mark wahlberg is like matt damon but a little less refined, kind of like matt damon could end up like a pierce brosnan but is a little less refined...

Anonymous said...

This basically sums up that movie perfectly.

-Sar (aka LBF)

Marie said...

I did see Shooter, but it wasn't as entertaining...these kinds of movies are by definition wildly improbable, but at least a half-hearted attempt at some kind of realism would be good. F'instance, at the end of the movie, the girl has perfect hair and makeup and clean clothes. Really? I mean, really? Or the house spontaneously explodes fifteen seconds after a gas main is opened, so we can convienantly see the noble profile of our lone hero against a burning background? I ended up thinking about those sorts of things instead of "Oh look! Big explosions!", which was disappointing.

Charity said...

Great work.