Thursday, May 17, 2007

Having Officially Received Employment

10:30 AM: receive letter containing "SUMMER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY!!"
10:45 AM: schedule interview
5:00 PM: enter interview
7:30 PM: leave with job

Let me just say Praise God because I needed work, and was getting really discouraged with the lack of progress in that respect. Twelve hours ago this wasn't even on my radar; I was dreading having to submit to a dreary retail check-out existence.

So I'll be...selling knives?! Yes, I have received that time honored college job as a Cutco salesman. Although less boring than asking if you wanted fries with that, it's also definitely more terrifying. As in, extremely. As in, you have to start with people you know, and that's the scariest bit. Give a sales pitch? Me?

I've definitely got to see this.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

yayhappywoo. *gives lollipop*

Wait...knives? Oh God, you're going to become an axe murderer.

...Just kidding. I hope.