Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Purple Plastic Implements of Doom

Woke up this morning
After another one of those crazy dreams
Oh nothing is going right this morning
The whole world is wrong it seems
Oh i guess its the chain that bind me
I cant shake it loose these chains and things
Got to work this morning
Seems like everything is lost
I got a cold hearted wrong doing woman
And a slave driving ball
I cant loose these chains that bind me
Cant shake them loose these chains and things
Just cant loose these chains and things

Which pretty much sums the first portion of my day up.

The second portion? "The purple plastic impliments of doom". Pictures will follow tomorrow, where with any luck my leg will be a nice dramatic shade of purple. To match the things that made them that way.

Perhaps I should back up and explain. I tried to find an article to link to but couldn't; it's called "scraping" and, well, it's exactly what it sounds like. They take what is long caulking blade. Except florescent purple. Then they drag--scrape--this along the injured area. The idea is to, in essence, reinjure it so it can heal properly and quicker. In my case, scar tissue is also worked out. This hurts.

At the moment my leg is pretty red, and the long-term bruising I've had since I orginally injured the leg two years ago is more pronounced than usual.

I kind of want a really dramatic purple and black and blue reward for my troubles. Like a trophy, only alot better at inducing sympathy. Because I'm a sympathy junkie...but I can give it up ANYTIME I WANT TO. Seriously.

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